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The Great Kindness Challenge
Jan. 26-30 engaging and devoted to performing as many acts of kindness possible!
Jan. 26-30 Menu
Breakfast/Lunch Menu for Week of Jan. 26-30



The Great Kindness Challenge
Jan. 26-30 engaging and devoted to performing as many acts of kindness possible!
Jan. 26-30 Menu
Breakfast/Lunch Menu for Week of Jan. 26-30



Feb. 2 - 6 Menu
Breakfast/Lunch Menu for Week of Feb. 2 - 6
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Welcome To Our District Homepage!

A positive school climate is recognized as an important target for school reform and improving behavioral, academic, and mental health outcomes for students. Specifically, schools with positive climates that foster kindness tend to have less student discipline problems and aggressive and violent behavior, and fewer high school suspensions (Lee et al., 2011). At the end of January (1/26-1/30/15), the school counselors will be implementing The Great Kindness Challenge in each building. During the challenge, one school week will be devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. Engaging in this global challenge will help create a culture of kindness as well as increase tolerance, unity, and respect for all students. Activities will be implemented at individual buildings. Because this challenge is global, students will have the opportunity to share and connect with the community as well as the world through sharing of activities.

Parents, please talk with your student about the importance of kindness and how they can be kind to others.

We would like to thank all sponsors for their support. 

Titanic-Branson, Mo –  Sonic - Town & Country Lanes - Subway - McDonald’s - The New Shanghai Circus - Branson, Mo - Geraldi’s - Price Cutte - Baldknobbers-Branson, Mo - Carroll Electric - Community First Bank  - Chateau on The Lake - Branson, Mo - Grand Country Inn-Branson  - Kerusso - Hollywood Wax Museum-Branson, Mo - KHOZ - Nationwide Insurance - Sight & Sound Theatre-Branson, Mo - Stone Castle-Branson, Mo - The Track-Branson, Mo - KFC - Pizza Hut - Walmart - Golden Corral-Branson, Mo - Anstaff Bank - Trinity Christian Church - Casey’s - Daylight Donuts

  • Click HERE to see the 2014 Veteran's Day Salute slideshow. 

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  • Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Berryville School District! 

The Berryville School District has one overarching purpose—to ensure that all children achieve their highest potential.  Our district serves grades kindergarten through 12, providing a broad-based Liberal Arts curriculum for all of our students.  We are committed to providing our students with rigorous, relevant, and authentic learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment.  While we value individual differences, we also respect our cultural differences.  Our goal is for every child to master the skills necessary to be productive citizens in a complex, changing, and global economy.

We realize that great schools are vital to strong, thriving communities.   The Berryville School District is fortunate to have a community that actively supports their schools.  We value this support and will work to continue to build and strengthen the relationships we have with our business community.  We also enjoy great parental support for our schools and their programs.  We encourage parental involvement and are committed to open and transparent communication with all of our stakeholders.  Working together we can ensure that our students are well prepared to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams. In the Berryville School District, we put our children first.

We invite you to visit our web-site often and look forward to sharing our successes with you!



Phil Clark, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Berryville School District


Alma Mater


Staunch and faithful thou will stand
Through years to come, and never
Shall we fail to give our faith
To thee forever.

The regal purple, sun's fair gold
Un-furls against the sky,
In chorus with all loyal hearts
From happy days gone by.
Our Alma Mater, hail to thee
Forever, Berryville High!