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District Salary information

Welcome to Our District Salary Information Page

pdf2021-2022 Supplemental Pay Rates Stipends Extra Duties pdf2021-2022 Individual Classified Salary pdf2021-2022 Individual Certified Salary pdf2021-2022 Head of Security Salary Schedule pdf2021-2022 ESL Salary Schedule pdf2021-2022 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2021-2022 Certified Salary Schedule pdf2021-2022 C4 Salary Schedule pdf2021-2022 Board Approval of Policies & Salaries pdf2021-2022 Blank Classified Contract pdf2021-2022 Blank Certified Contract pdf2021-2022 Administrative Salary Formula pdf2020-2021 Supplemental Pay Rates, Stipends pdf2020-2021 Individual Classified Salary pdf2020-2021 Individual Certified Salary pdf2020-2021 ESL Salary Schedule pdf2020-2021 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2020-2021 Certified Salary Schedule pdf2020-2021 C-4 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2020-2021 Board Approval of Policies & Salaries pdf2020-2021 Blank Classsified Contract pdf2020-2021 Blank Certified Contract pdf2020-2021 Administrative Salary Formula pdf2019-2020 ESL Salary Schedule pdf2019-2020 C-4 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2019-2020 Board Approval of Policies and Salaries pdf2019-2020 Administrative Salary Formula pdf2019-2020 Supplemental Pay Rates Stipends pdf2019-2020 Certified Salary Schedule pdf2018-19 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2019-20 Individual Certified Salary pdf2019-20 Individual Classfied Salary pdf2018-19 Individual Classfied Salary pdf2018-19 Individual Certified Salary pdf2018-19 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2018-19 Supplemental Pay Rates/Stipends pdf2018-19 C-4 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2018-19 Board Approval of Policies and Salaries pdf2018-19 Administrative Salary Formula pdf2018-19 ESL Salary Schedule pdf2018-19 Certified Salary Schedule pdf2017-18 Board Approval of Policies and Salaries pdf2017-18 Individual Classified Salary pdf2017-18 Individual Certified Salary pdf2017-18 Stipends pdf2017-18 ESL Salary Schedule pdf2017-18 Certified Salary Schedule pdf2017-18 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2017-18 Supplemental Pay Rates pdf2017-18 Administrative Salary Formula pdf2016-17 Administrative Salary Formula pdf2016-17 Board Approval of Policies and Salaries pdf2016-17 Supplemental Pay Rates pdf2016-17 Individual Certified Salary pdf2016-17 Individual Classified Salary pdf2016-17 Classified Salary Schedule pdf2016-17 ESL Salary Schedule pdf2016-17 Stipends pdf2016-17 Certified Salary Schedule pdfClassified Contract Form pdfCertified Contract Form

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Current Condition: clear sky

Temperature: 52.48˚F

Feels Like: 51.39˚F

Wind Speeds: 3.42mph

Weather humidity: 84%

Chance of Precipitation: 0%

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Berryville Public Schools
902 W. Trimble Ave
Mail: 902 W. Trimble Ave
Berryville, Arkansas 72616
Phone: 1-870-423-7065
Fax: 1-870-423-6824

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Veterans Day Salute

HS Teacher, Gayla Sparks, developed a Veterans Salute to honor our local Vets